Extra Short Cut to Sunday’s Sermon

Youth Fellowship NightFebruary 23, 2018
4 days to go.
This Sunday. February 11, we'll celebrate our First Lady's Birthday after worship service. Join us or pass along some words of encouragement for the loving head of the Nurse's Guild, patient and diligent director of the Biennial Health Fair, wonderful wife, mother, and grandmother, Mrs. Jackie Robinson; God bless you, and keep you and shine on your way!

Hours & Info

Office Hours: 11am-2pm; Worship: Sun-11am
Care Closet: Sun-1pm, Wed: TBA (call)

Glory Be to God!

ShortCut to┬áSunday’s Sermon:

Please see “Sermons: 2012-2017” page, “Sermons: 2018” page for more, don’t forget about the drop down arrows.


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