Prayer List

Please remember members and friends of Delaware in your prayers:

Prayer List:

Barbara Jemmott  Sharon Lowery    Katon Howard   Dennis Dunsen

Marcelo Vaz    Lou Watson    Sam Kirkwood      Barbara Mangum

Marjorie Brocato    Bertha Johnson    William Boyd    Doris Boyd

Estella Brown     Liz Holton     Erica Anderson    Grace Anderson

Gina King    Lourdes Goycochea    Rev. Carmen Panaro     Phyllis Walker

Min. Bob Poehler      Shantell Dixon  Diana Robinson

PLEASE PRAY for the survivors of the earthquake in Mexico and hurricanes that have swept across the islands of the Caribbean and into the USA.

Sick and Shut-In:

Wanda Smith        Marie Barker        Mary Mason      Dimario Vass

Mary Stringfield       Savana Lilliard      Barbara Parise

Isa Wallace    Carol Smith   Vickie Mayers

Nora Thurmond    Marion Thurmond     Judy Palyszelski   Pearl Cunningham


Sybrnee Thompson and the Paulette Clinton Family

Helene Bryant and the James Bryant, Jr. Family

Beverly Walker and the Price Goins Family

Ken Heiler and the Ruth Heiler Family

The Minnie Slaughter Family

The La-Shane Walker and the DeMario L. Vass Sr. Family

Please call the church office 884-0070 if you would like someone names added to the list.

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