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Choir Etiquette
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 Join the Music Ministry by Joining a Choir

All Choirs rehearse on an alternating schedule; this way you can make it for rehearsal even if your interested in joining two or more of the choirs.  All are welcome to participate, as previous experience is not required.

About the Musicians

Doris Boyd is a pianist, music teacher, director, and vocal coach.  She handles the musical arrangement for the Ensemble, Men’s, Mass, and Youth Choir.  Recently, she arranged and directed our Christmas Cantata and Spring Concert.  She always strikes the right note to find a way into your heart and magnify God’s name through praise and worship in song.  Often, the choir gets extra help in lifting their praise up to Heaven via the trumpet played by fellow musician Brian Freeman and drums played by Ed Jackson.

Sandra Simpson is our newest, musician.  When she’s not praising the Lord through song, she’s honoring Him as she lives and serves on this earth: being a mother, daughter, and wife.  She praises on the piano, in musical arrangement, and often directs the Delaware Choir and our new Sunbeam Choir (ages 2 and up). 

We are thankful they have chosen to share one of the many gifts God gave them with our church.

Music Influences

 We have several accomplished musicians in the congregation, and worship is often enriched with accompaniment by trumpet, drums or solo vocalists, even those who are not permanent members of the choir. See our musicians Sister Doris Boyd or Sister Sandra Simpson if you are able and willing to add your talents to our worship or special events.

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