Highlights: Men’s Fellowship Breakfast

Men’s Fellowship Breakfast Meets on the Last Saturday of Every Month in the Fellowship Hall from 10AM-11:30AM.

Next meeting is Saturday, February 24, 2018.

Subtopic Jan. 27, 2018: Pursue Godliness

Heart Text – Ephesians 5:5-10

The New Testament Epistle [letter] of Paul to the Ephesians, Chapter 5, verses 5-10)

Suggested Reading: Jeremiah 3

To better understand where society is now and headed

(The Old Testament Prophetical Book of Jeremiah, Chapter 3)


Three Key Points of Pursuing Godliness:

Know the God We Profess.

Be Spirit Lead.

Do it for Christ.

Things to Do:

1. Diligently & Systematically Prioritize Schedule:

Meaning: Make time for prayer and devotional study in order to better know God.

2. Better of Understanding of God

Meaning: Spend time studying God’s word, apply it to your life, and that will increase your desire to know God more.


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