The Hurting Hearts Ministry

The Hurting Hearts Ministry

is NOW able to provide free food to anyone (member or non-member) who is need, you can even pick something up for a family member, friend or neighbor who is unable to attend. 


will be available for pick-up directly after Worship Service EVERY Sunday.

If you’re in need or you know someone else who is

Spread the Joy and ShareLove.

Also, the Hurting Hearts ministry helps with the Displaced Men, Women, and Children Dinner every year in August.  Previous years, it has taken place the last Friday of August at 5:30pm in the McCoy Center.  Volunteers are needed for serving.  Also money donations are welcome: $25 will feed 5 homeless individuals.  However, there are many different avenues which are always available to reach out to those in need in our community.  See Sister Hope Thompson for more information.

May God Rest, Rule, & Abide in You.


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